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My name is Matt, a few years ago I found myself stuck in a cubicle for 10 hours a day.  At least 8 of those were spent staring out a window at the hills in the distance.  I had a growing urge to be outside and needed to make a change, so the next day I called in sick and went on my first hike in years.

Actual picture of the summit concluding the first hike I took in years!

After about 10 months and dozens of hikes later, I became dissatisfied with hiking only a few hours here and there and planned my first PCT section hike near Mt. Whitney.

Actual picture I took during my first section hike!

By day three, I was sick of the pre-packaged meals I had stuffed my backpack with and ultimately gave them away to a fellow hiker.  One of the guys in my group had prepared his own meals and the smells that filled our camp while he cooked made me beg him to share. Mexican beef and rice, coconut curry couscous, they were amazing! This is what I wanted to be eating.

I vowed then and there to never eat another pre-packaged meal again. I was going to learn how to make homemade backpacking meals that are convenient, great tasting and contain ingredients I knew how to pronounce…. If it killed me.


Over the next 11 months I did all my own cooking, I learned from other backpackers what kinds of food to cook, and sometimes I just improvised on what sounded good to me.


I learned which ingredients were backpacker friendly; how to make meals that are simple to make after a long day of hiking; and I learned how to sustain myself while keeping my pack weight down.

Actual picture of one of the first backpacking meals I put together!

Then about a year and a half ago I decided other backpackers could benefit from learning how to make their own meals on the trail, so I grabbed a list of all my favorite recipes, and scraped together enough money to hire a chef, photographer, and professional cookbook writer.

Together we modified my recipes until they were not only backpacking friendly, they were delicious, easy to prepare, and included all the carbs, protein, and fats your body needs to answer the unique demands of long-distance hiking.  And my favorite part, I had FULL control over the quality of ingredient that were going into my body.

Actual picture of my test kitchen while we were recipe testing!

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